The owners of AMG Studios, Alan & Sandra Faulds, are anything but typical appliance dealers.

Unlike most dealers, they are university educated, culturally attuned, and very much aware of the latest global trends in kitchen design. They also have a wide range of business and travel experience which helps them to remain in touch with current trends. They have applied their diverse business backgrounds into developing a unique approach to selling appliances, one which begins and ends with unparalleled service.

About ten years ago Sandra recognized that selling run-of-the-mill mass-market products, like everyone else, was a fruitless endeavour; they had to change. The first step was obviously to stop selling poorly constructed under-performing products. Step two required refining their approach to customer service. Already well above par, the Faulds knew it could be improved by strengthening their partnerships with the industry’s best. Finally, Sandra knew instinctively that they had to radically alter their retail space to create a dramatically different showroom environment, one which better reflected who they were and what they were all about. They had to find a way to emphasize the AMG difference.

Going forward, the goals of the company would be to offer:

A uniquely elegant collection of both premium and luxury appliances
Brilliantly engineered products at reasonably affordable prices
A superior level of service before, during, and after the sale
Unique culinary and educational experiences in a live studio kitchen

This framework for presenting the finest cooking products and accessories to the Canadian market would ultimately attract partnerships from the best distributors, installers, and service agents. Alan and Sandra committed to building a depth of product knowledge that would allow them to clearly understand and articulate the advantages offered by high-quality products. Being ever mindful of the importance of acting as a consultant and not simply a salesperson, the Faulds also found a friendly way to articulate these by offering this education to their clients.

Through consistent referrals from clients who had experienced the AMG difference, Alan and Sandra would go on to further develop excellent relationships with industry-leading designers, builders, and architects. Their dedication to a superior client-focussed approach had now established AMG Studios as a new definition for a boutique approach to premium appliance retail.

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From modest roots as a dealer of mass market appliances to the coming of age as a refreshingly unique approach to appliance retail, the pillars of the AMG methodology have served to create an environment which is focussed on education and inspiration.

The inimitable difference is striking upon stepping into the studio for the very first time, and the comfortable feeling of appreciation for your patronage continues in perpetuity. This is likely why clients who have experienced the AMG difference are such avid promoters of this distinctive experience.

The catalogue of appliance options in the studio has been carefully selected based on extensive experience with available brands, their current offerings, and their response to service needs. This range of products is a reflection of the ‘best in class’ options for many different budgets. This includes unparalleled products from the world’s luxury brand, Gaggenau; one-of-a-kind hand-crafted palatial French ranges from La Cornue; well-established pillars of the luxury appliance market, Miele, Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Thermador; niche products with well-deserved cult followings, such as Aga and BlueStar; and moderate cost premium European products from Bosch, AEG, and Liebherr. As an additional benefit, many of the products in the studio are live, allowing clients to make truly informed decisions about their purchase.

Because AMG is focussed on providing clients with only the best quality products, the time and effort that would otherwise be required to support and service the sale of poorly constructed products can be allocated to other efforts. AMG provides clients with thorough consultation and education and offers full support to designers, builders, architects, and trades with specs and detailed planning notes. Since the best appliance brands in the industry also have pricing integrity programs nationwide, AMG clients reap the benefits above while being assured the best available pricing between St. John’s and Victoria.

The AMG experience is not simply restricted to appliance sales. Cooking classes in the Gaggenau studio give AMG clients the opportunity connect with one another at social events while exploring new cooking methods and enjoying expertly prepared meals. The studio has even been host to cultural events ranging from art shows to book launches to charitable fundraisers.

Finally, and perhaps most re-assuring to clients, the relationship forged with AMG doesn’t end with the cashing of a client’s cheque. The care and attention provided to clients in after sale service is second to none. When coupled with preferred service partners and AMG’s efforts to develop a custom service approach with each supplier, AMG clients are sure to benefit from the highest level of service within the shortest window of time. AMG continually works with partners and manufacturers to make a superior service approach even better.

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Precisely because superb service is the hallmark of AMG’s relationship with clients, it begins from the very moment visitors first enter the showroom.

Visitors are greeted with a warm smile and a superbly brewed cup of fresh ground coffee, along with a genuine, “How can I help you?” These words have meaning far beyond simple politeness. AMG’s appliance consultants are forever mindful of the need to offer client service at the highest level at every opportunity.

When a client is selecting appliances, AMG consultants will be sure to explore the full scope of the project before setting out to provide useful advice about the products themselves. By better understanding the client and their individual needs, AMG consultants are better able to propose custom solutions which represent the most appropriate options for that individual client. The discussion that follows is an opportunity to explore the all-important performance characteristics which will eventually help define the client’s success as ‘chef de cuisine’ in their own kitchen. This provides clients the confidence to both make an informed decision of what products are the best fit, and how to employ these products to the fullest in their home.

In working with design partners, AMG’s staff is able to draw on their many years of working closely with design professionals in order to provide worthwhile insight on integrating these products perfectly into a design. The strength of AMG’s relationship with their design partners is extremely complementary; AMG is able to anticipate the specific needs of the designer based on the products selected and discussions shared with the client, and the designer is assured unmatched support should questions arise at any point during the design and installation phases of the project.

Service also means doing whatever is necessary to assist clients in the smooth delivery and installation of their new appliances. AMG works to coordinate the schedules of their delivery team with the kitchen design team and installation partners so that clients are not required to act as project managers. The world’s finest appliances, improperly installed, can still be the cause of considerable frustration. AMG partners are not only the best in the industry, but no more expensive than poorly trained ones.

In order for a product to earn the AMG endorsement it must not only perform well and be a worthwhile investment, it must also be supported by superb service after installation. AMG’s custom arrangement with each of our suppliers is affectionately called white glove service, a name symbolic of the privilege provided to all AMG clients. Response to concerns can therefore be actioned faster and service is provided by AMG’s carefully selected professional service partners.

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