Gaggenau Live Studio Kitchen

AMG is enormously proud to be Canada’s Premier GAGGENAU dealer. However, being the largest and Gaggenau’s ‘Ambassador’ dealer, has never been quite enough for Alan & Sandra Faulds. They have long known that just talking about luxury appliances is only part of their mission – they also have to prove it.

That is what drove them to create Canada’s only Live Kitchen Studio - a magnificently appointed space entirely dedicated to the legendary German brand. Their new studio is not just supremely elegant, a great example of ‘modern German chic’, but also a tremendously warm and inviting place, one where even the most discerning clients can enjoy a wonderfully enjoyable culinary experience. It is a place where everything emerging from these amazing appliances testifies to their unmatched performance.

Savouring the mouth-watering food which comes out of these superb appliances is the ultimate test of their hand-crafted precision.

If you would like more information about AMG’s ‘GAGGENAU Live Kitchen Studio’ or, perhaps, a list of scheduled events, please contact AMG at 519-763-3264 or, toll-free at 1-866-264-5087.

The List of Upcoming Events includes,
- GAGGENAU Demonstrations for AMG clients
- A Variety of Exciting Cooking Classes
- Corporate Seminars, Receptions and Executive Retreats

The AMG – GAGGENAU Live Kitchen Studio is a uniquely conceived place in which Canadian Design Elegance is carefully combined with Hand-Crafted German Engineering to capture the essence of Form and Function. It is a warm and inviting place, one in which patrons and chefs alike get together to turn exquisite food and fine wine into fond memories.

Please, Come and Experience the GAGGENAU Difference