Welcome to AMG Studios - The Luxury Appliance Specialists

We invite you to come and see where the most discerning Architects, Designers, and Consumers all gather to experience the world’s finest appliances in our live studios.

While here, you can take time to discuss all of your appliance needs with our superbly qualified product consultants. They will happily introduce you to the very best examples of hand-crafted precision engineering as well as guide you through the all-important ‘form, function, fit’ requirements you need to build these supremely elegant pieces into your kitchen.

Please call to set up an appointment or to learn more about our schedule of upcoming events.

We very much look forward to seeing you,
Sandra & Alan Faulds, Rick Rzeplinski, James Whitfield, Darlene Brubacher
AMG Studio Consultants



The company has changed dramatically since 1993, having grown from a small retailer of mass-market appliances to become Canada’s largest showcase for the world’s finest appliances.

The owners of AMG Studios, Alan & Sandra Faulds, are anything but typical appliance dealers. Unlike most dealers, they are university educated, culturally attuned, and very much aware of the latest global trends in kitchen design. They also have a wide range of business and travel experience which helps them to remain in touch with current trends. They have applied their diverse business backgrounds into developing a unique approach to selling appliances, one which begins and ends with unparalleled service.

About ten years ago Sandra, she’s the one with the vision, recognized that selling run-of-the-mill, mass-market products, like everyone else, was a fruitless endeavour - they had to change.

Step one was obviously to stop selling poorly constructed under-performing products. Step two required re-defining their approach to customer service. Already above par, the Faulds knew it had to be even better. Finally, Sandra knew instinctively that they had to radically alter their retail space to create a dramatically different showroom environment, one which better reflected who they were and what they were all about. They had to find a way to emphasize the AMG difference.

Going forward, the goals of the company would be to offer:

- Brilliantly engineered products at reasonably affordable prices
- A superior level of service before, during and after the sale
- A uniquely elegant collection of both premium and luxury appliances
- A live studio kitchen opportunity, one which would allow them to participate in a unique culinary/educational experience



Precisely because superb service is the hallmark of AMG’s relationship with clients, it begins from the very moment visitors first enter the showroom. They are greeted with a warm smile and a superbly brewed cup of fresh ground coffee, along with a genuine, ’How can I help you?’

These words have meaning far beyond simple politeness. Unless AMG’s appliance consultants have a clear sense of what a client’s needs are, they can’t begin to provide any useful advice about the products themselves.

Moreover, this initial encounter allows AMG to properly educate their customers about what the wide range of possibilities are, particularly in describing the all-important performance characteristics which will eventually help define the client’s success as ‘chef de cuisine’ in their own kitchen. Unless clients fully understand the various equipment options, they can’t begin to choose what will best suit their needs.

That said, AMG are careful never to forget whose kitchen their amazing products are destined for, that their role is strictly consultative. Ultimately, they let their customers decide what solutions will work best for them. AMG’s role is simply in helping clients make well-informed decisions.

In addition, AMG’s staff can also help in making their clients’ kitchen design work. Their many years of working closely with design professionals allows them to contribute to the design process by making sure that the appliances they recommend not only perform perfectly, but also fit perfectly into the new kitchen environment.

Service also means doing whatever is necessary to assist clients in the smooth delivery of their new appliances. And, if clients wish to engage AMG’s help in hiring just the right people to install their new products, they are more than happy to assist. The world’s finest appliances, improperly installed, can still be the cause of considerable frustration. AMG will, of course, recommend installers who are not only the best in the industry, but no more expensive than poorly trained ones.

Finally, and perhaps most re-assuring to clients, their relationship with AMG doesn’t end, as it does typically, with the cashing of customers’ cheques. In fact, long after that important moment, AMG remain wholly committed to assisting their customers. They strive consistently to make sure that manufacturers stand behind their products and that they partner with AMG in providing the very best after-sales support going forward.



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